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  The Aikido Association of North America is a nation-wide organization of dojos and
  aikidoka dedicated to providing the best in aikido training and education.



Sakura Sunday! - April 13th

The Sakura Festival is in full swing! This is a traditional Japanese festival celebrating the arrival of spring with the blossoming cherry trees, and Doshinkan Aikido will have a demonstration as part of the martial arts stage during the heart of the festival, Sakura Sunday. You can see videos from some of the previous demonstrations in our media section. For more information about the Sakura Festival, see the main festival website at

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At A Glance ...

Class Schedule
Apr 19 9 AM
Dojo Spring Cleaning
Apr 25 2 PM
Spring Retreat Training in Beach
Apr 26
Spring Retreat Training
Apr 27
Spring Retreat Training
May 4 10 AM
Kancho Seminar at Genyukan Dojo/NYC
May 10
Kancho Seminar at Bushokan dojo
May 17 12:15 PM
May 18 1 PM
Black Belt Test
May 23
Dojo Closed/Memorial Holiday
May 24
Dojo Closed/Memorial Holiday
May 26
Dojo Closed/Memorial Holiday
Jun 7
Kancho Seminar at Tenrokan dojo (NC)
Jun 8
Kancho Seminar at Tenrokan dojo (NC)


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