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  The Aikido Association of North America is a nation-wide organization of dojos and
  aikidoka dedicated to providing the best in aikido training and education.



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Worldwide recognized Aikido organization headed by Yukio Utada Shihan. Become an Acknowledged Affiliate Dojo and distinguish your rank and the rank of your students.

The Aikido Association of North America (AANA) is an internationally based organization, with affiliations throughout the United States, Japan, Ukraine, and Hong Kong. The AANA is headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, as a non-profit organization and overseen by a board of trustees. AANA provides Aikido and Weapons instruction developed by chief instructor, Yukio Utada Shihan. Utada Shihan brings over 40 years of training experience to AANA and its programs.

Dojo Membership

AANA provides international recognition of Aikido dojos regardless of size. Member dojo are listed for free on AANA web site:

Additional benefits include: An online calendar of yearly AANA Events, online information and registration for all AANA events, AANA Affiliate Dojo online listings, AANA Handbook, AANA online store, AANA Affiliate Dojo forms.

AANA Senior Instructor Visits

The AANA can provide Senior Instructor visits to AANA Affiliated Dojos to further their understanding and proficiency of Utada Shihan's teachings.

Dan/Kyu Rank Tests and Promotions

AANA has established standardized requirements for Dan and Kyu rank promotion tests for adults and children. The organization provides certification for successful Kyu-rank promotions through the students' Dojo-cho. The Aikido Association of North America issues Dan certificates.

A Black Belt Committee for the AANA is composed of Aikido instructors, ranked sandan (third degree black belt) and above, who are appointed by Utada Shihan. The committee can be contacted at dantesting at

AANA Events

The AANA Headquarters, Doshinkan Dojo, in Philadephia offers: Daily Instruction, Training Seminars, National and Regional Training Camps, Instructor Training, Weapons Training and DVD instruction.

Classes & Special Training Events are also held regularly at AANA Affiliate Dojos.

To learn more about the AANA and member services contact us today at:

Aikido Association of North America (AANA)
5836-38 Henry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA, 19128
Phone: (215)483-3000




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