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  The Aikido Association of North America is a nation-wide organization of dojos and
  aikidoka dedicated to providing the best in aikido training and education.


The AANA store offers the finest in aikido related training and educational materials. We offer an assortment of books, videos, and supplies to compliment your daily training. New items are offered all the time so make sure you check back regularly.

Featured Store Items

2015 Kancho Clinics - Pre-Register for All

Kancho's Clinics consist of six clinics offered bimonthly over the course of a year, all covering a general concept in Aikido. The 2015 Kancho's Clinics will focus on three different ideas, Aiki concepts, Aiki lineages, and self defense.

Purchase this item to pre-register for all 6 2015 Kancho's Clinics! All clinics will be held from 12:15-1:15pm. The clinic schedule is as follows:

Aikido Concepts:

January: Aiki Concept

March: Self Defense

May: Aiki Lineage

July: Aiki Concept

September: Aiki Lineage

November: Self Defense

2015 Winter Workshop: Tanto

This year's Winter Workshop will be held Saturday, Februrary 28th, from 9AM to 12PM at the Doshinkan Dojo in Philadelphia, PA. It will focus on the tanto.



Take advantage of new low prices to get a hold of classic and essential Doshinkan DVDs!


Doshinkan Aikido: 35th Anniversary Commemorative Book

Purchase this limited edition book, full of exclusive photos and thoughts from Utada Kancho, and commemorating 35 years of Doshinkan Aikido.

Test Applications

Please click here to download testing applications. These applications may be downloaded, printed, completed and presented at the Doshinkan Office, with all applicable fees.

NOTE: a $5 web-processing fee is included in all online purchases



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